About Us

Glenmine is here to cater the diverse agriculture needs of the world

Glenmine Overseas Pvt. Ltd. is a young, creative, dynamic and an independent enterprise.It is located in Ahmedabad,Gujarat.

          We ensure that our customers get high quality products at low prices respecting farmers with honest prices. We connect the Indian farmer to the world market. The company owns, cultivates and manage various farm commodites on its farms in Rajasthan.

Providing Variety Of Products

          We export various agro-commodities from India to every corner of the world. Our clients use these products as raw materials for maufacturing their end products.
           Our main product Quinoa  and Chia Seeds with its proven health benenfits is used for manufacturing various healthy products.We are also involved in export of high quality minerals across the world. 

Our motto "Growth with Empathy"

         In India, we celebrate our farmers who protect the farm product from the time of sowing to the time it reaches the market.
         Their hardwork is the reason most of us have food on our tables everyday. This is adequete reason to celebrate their hardwork. Yet most of these farmers live under debt because they do not get adequete price for their products.
          It is part of our promise to provide the honest price to our farmers for their commodities. Hence, our motto “Growth with Empathy” aptly captures the spirit of our company.
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